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Teaching educators, education professionals, and homeschoolers to use universally designed, differentiated, and SEL-based strategies to optimize learning in inclusive, private, and at-home environments.  


I established IncludED, my professional development practice, in 2019 to teach educators, education professionals, and homeschooling parents strategies that will support their teaching and optimize their students' and children's learning, regardless of age, level, background, learning scheme, or ability.  I believe that education is truly inclusive only if every student learns and if we teach the whole student.  I teach strategies that I have learned, innovated, created, and field tested with my own students in multiple learning environments (including as a homeschooling parent to my son, a gifted learner).  Rooted in Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and imbued with Social-Emotional Learning principles, my strategies represent a unique synthesis of these and other methods and philosophies, designed to teach students how they learn best.    

Since 2019, I have regularly engaged in training other arts educators by facilitating professional development workshops, presenting my work at professional development conferences, providing professional development consultations, training colleagues in informal settings, and writing music education blog posts.  In addition, each summer, I teach a graduate-level class entitled "Teaching Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Students" at Berklee College of Music.  These classes are designed for graduate students enrolled in the Master's of Music Education (Autism concentration) and Graduate Certificate in Music Education and Autism programs at Berklee. 

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Screenshot of one of Marlene Markard's blog posts on ABLE Snapshots, the official blog of the Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs.

Marlene Markard presenting at the 2019 ABLE Assembly Conference, Boston, MA


Upcoming:  Markard, M. (March 2022).  Music, Social Emotional Learning, and Students with Disabilities, Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference, Marlborough, MA.

Markard, M. (January 2022). SpEd Music:  Approaches and Activities to Reach All Students, Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, Boston, MA.

Markard, M. (November 2021).  Transforming Inclusive Music Classes With Social-Emotional Learning Strategies and Activities, Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, Boston, MA.

Markard, M (April 2021).  Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning Activities Into Your Music Classrooms and Private Instrument Lessons, Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference, Boston, MA.

Markard, M. (April 2021).  The Traveling Music Teacher's Tool Kit, Digital Learning Series, Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs, Boston, MA.

Markard, M, (April 2019).  UDL-Based Strategies for Teaching Piano to Students With Low Support Needs, ABLE Assembly Conference, Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs, Boston, MA. 


If you would like to book me for a private consultation, to present at a conference, or to run a professional development workshop for your organization, please contact me.  


Marlene continues to take on new challenges to develop her skills and advance the field of music education. - Christopher Schroeder, Executive Director, Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program

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