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Curriculum Development 

Creating differentiated, universally designed music curricula for K-12+ students of all levels, ages, backgrounds, and abilities. 

In 2020, Marlene began developing music curricula for various music education programs as well as her own students.  These curricula are proprietary and copyrighted, so   

In the Greater Boston area, Marlene serves as the Director of the Beethoven Ensemble and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist at the Boston Music Project, which was recognized by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) as one of the top 98 music programs nationwide.  In her role as SEL Specialist, Marlene co-authored a universally designed 36-week SEL-informed music curriculum for K-6 students.  She is a member of the faculty at the Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs (BIAESN), where she teaches general music and piano to students with a wide range of exceptionalities, and also serves as member of the BIAESN's administrative staff, in charge of program and curriculum development initiatives.  In this role, Marlene has been responsible for creating numerous programs, including a Music History class, for which she has co-developed a 12-week curriculum. She also serves as a faculty mentor, and develops and teaches Career Readiness workshops to students in the Nurturing Leaders Program.  In 2021, Marlene led a team of BIAESN educators to create a two-year and a four-year music curriculum for musically talented, high-school and college-aged students with low-support needs at the Southwest Florida Music Education Center in Naples, Florida.  In addition, Marlene serves as a piano instructor and Director of the Westwood Prodigy Program, and after-school music program serving more than 300 students.   


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