If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn."  - Ignacio Estrada


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As a music educator, education innovator, inclusion advocate, entrepreneur, and parent, I believe education is truly inclusive only if every student learns.  For that reason, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and differentiated instruction (DI) are cornerstones of my teaching and I incorporate UDL and differentiated techniques into all of my teaching.  Through my professional development practice, IncludED, I also teach fellow educators, education professionals and homeschoolers how to use DI- and UDL-based strategies to optimize their students' learning, regardless of age, level, background, learning scheme, or ability.  I teach strategies that I have learned, innovated, created, and field tested with my own students in multiple learning environments.  My methods are designed to teach students the way they learn best.

These philosophies are reflected in the lesson plans I design, the materials I create, the classes I teach, the students I inspire, and the parents and professionals I support.  My students experience learning in safe, nurturing and engaging spaces that are designed to educate the whole student while building music literacy, fostering a life-long love of music, facilitating social-emotional development, and cultivating critical life skills. 


Marlene has demonstrated a passion and commitment to educating youth with disabilities. Her music lessons are carefully crafted to engage all of her students and she has been very successful at nurturing the musical growth and social development of her ensemble in a short amount of time.  - Christopher Schroeder, Executive Director, Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program

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